Spend It Right is a project from Enactus UBC, which is ran by students from the University of British Columbia. It focuses on giving high school students the transferable knowledge in social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and business skills. Using the skills and knowledge students gained from our workshops, students will compete to create, design and market a project that will be taken on by a non-profit organization as a new revenue generating vehicle.

Spend It Right puts together several workshops aimed at helping students succeed in the development of their projects covering topics such as basic accounting, marketing, and presentation skills. Students from each of the participating high schools will partnered with a team of project associates who will also be there to give presentations, answer questions and mentor the students. This associate will deliver the presentations and will be available to give students feedback and advice for the whole process. The following outlines the major aspects of the workshops delivered to high school students.

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Students will be introduced to Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability- the focus of the Spend It Right project. Social entrepreneurship aims to achieve a desired social change by creating innovative business solutions. Students will be taught the basic business skills and will be given the opportunity to become social entrepreneurs themselves by coming up with innovative ideas that a non-profit organization can take up as a new revenue generating vehicle.

Introduction to the Project

The first workshop will be an introduction to what Spend It Right and Enactus is. They will also be introduced to the non-profit organization that Spend It Right will be working with this year. The students will be able to meet our team of project associates for the first time and start forming their groups.


Students will be introduced to the basics of accounting and budgeting. The associates will also teach and give demonstrations on a widely used program in accounting –Excel. Basic economic concepts such as supply and demand will be introduced to the students.


Students will be given an introduction to several areas of marketing. They will be taught the importance of logos, types of advertising media, avoidance of green washing, ethics, sustainable marketing and much more.

Presentation Skills

Being able to present effectively in a professional manner, is a very important skill at school and the workplace. Our associates will walk through tips on dress codes, body language, and how to create an effective presentation overall. Students are encouraged to ask for as much advice as they can from the associates since presentation skills will be very important in the final competition.

Networking Skills

Students will get a chance to learn about connecting with other individuals and understand how important and beneficial it is to network with others. There will be a networking event where all the students will gather and be able to network with the Spend It Right team, professionals, and students from other schools.


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